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Inca Transportation:



The Inca transportation was an awe-inspiring feat according to many historians. It was even known to be superior to the Romans by both length and quality of its construction. The Inca road systems had many advantages.  The road networks were 14,000 miles long or 22,530 kilometers. These roads were very significant to the Inca because they had mountainous terrains, which made it hard to travel on, and take a stupendous amount of time. They have adapted to live their lives in South America since they built stone bridges, which are ideal to go across small streams. Suspension rope bridges were made to go across larger ones like rivers. They had rest stops next to the routes to allow voyagers to rest, eat and drink. Also, they used canoes to go through rivers,

 lakes and even sea voyages. They used their roads to transport their armies everywhere in the country. The Inca mainly used llamas and traveled on foot to get from position A to position B. These are the reasons why the Inca road system and transportation was very well known all over South and Central America. 




Even though they had no horses at that time, it was good enough to have llamas as they were able to bring everyone together to sell their exotic goods from all over the Empire like pottery, jewelry, daily needs and food.  Since there were a lot of mountains they could not use wheels to go around. The people who were superior in class l(nobles and kings) rode on something called litters. Litters are chairs which have handles where the lower class people ferrying the higher classes. Most of the roads are now sabotaged because right after the Spanish arrived, they destroyed most of the roads. But Machu Picchu preserved the last roads where some of them still remain unharmed.


  In conclusion, the Incas had an advantage of having these intelligent road systems. They were know to have good transportation  and because of this they were regarded as the most important civilization in South America.      









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Jan 24 2010


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