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Pre-Inca Civilizations

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There were many Pre-Incan Civilizations, the three primary civilizations were called; Tiwanaku, The Nazca, and the Chimu. Each civilization was known for different achievements.

Tiwanaku was known for their architecture. They would build great monuments; these would later inspire Incan architecture. Tiwanaku was also known for their agriculture because it was unique at the time and helped them survive in Peru. Their agriculture would also inspire Incan agriculture and help them survive.


The Nazca are known for the Nazca Lines. These lines were made by digging up soil on the ground; these lines cannot be interpreted from ground level and can make sense from the sky. It is unknown why the Nazca made these Lines or even how they know what it would look like from above.

The Chimu are best known for their elaborate irrigation systems, which allowed them to get water from rivers, which were far away. They also had distinctive pottery. Their pottery had a black finish this was accomplished by putting the pottery into a kiln and firing it at high temperatures.


Several of the Pre-Incan civilizations fell at the hands of the Inca. Both the Tiwanaku and the Chimu fell at the hands of the Inca. Tiwanaku was easily overtaken because their surplus of food began to run out and the population lost faith in their leaders. Because of this the Inca easily overpowered the Tiwanaku. The Chimu conflicted with the Inca around 1462 the Inca prevailed. The Nazca were one of Pre-Incan civilizations that did not conflict with the Inca, the Nazca simply died out over time. Some of the Nazca were mummified because of the dry temperatures.

The Pre-Inca left several things for modern technology. The Pre-Inca were able to build great monuments of stone which would later allow us to sculpt stone. They left us pottery which is still common today. They left us with paint which is very important for art. They also left us with agriculture. This helps us today when growing crops.

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