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Founder of the Inca Empire: Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui


by: Suh Young C.


Social Studies 8A




The Inca were known to be a flourishing and powerful empire. They were strong and controlled most of the land that they won battles against. All of the success of the Inca Empire would not have been possible if Pachacuti, the first emperor of the Inca, and Ninth Sapa Inca (the “only one”), had not come to the throne. Pachacuti made a lot of impacts on the Incas, and without his help, the Inca would not even have formed into an empire from the state Cuzco.
Pachacuti’s first rise to power was when a battle broke out between the people of Cuzco and a group called the Chanca. Pachacuti’s father and brother, who were afraid, had fled, so Pachacuti was left to defend the state. Luckily, he defeated the Chancas, and this proved him worthy of the throne. In fact, there even was a myth about how the Earth shook to kill the Chancas, and that the Earth was on Pachacuti’s side (he was called Earth Shaker). Soon after the battle, Pachacuti’s father and brother died, which left him next in line for being emperor.
When Pachacuti became emperor, he was in charge of the two divisions of Cuzco. However, soon he combined them, to make the Inca Empire. The empire was successful, because as soon as Pachacuti became emperor, he sent out military movement, to claim nearby land. This lead to him being in charge of land around Lake Titicaca, and also being able to claim valleys in the Andean Highlands. Another thing that he did was make many different things that helped to reconstruct Cuzco again, but into a more powerful area. For example, the fortress of Sacsayhuaman was built during his reign, and he built many temples for the sun god in each of the places he conquered. Not only that, Pachacuti made battles against rich kingdoms, and when he was victorious, he had a wonderful result.
Pachacuti became successful not only because of his victories, but because of his many talents as well. Firstly, he had a lot of organization ability. He fixed and connected old roads together to make an easy and fast network for the messengers of his empire. Also, he made areas for storing food and supplies for the soldiers in case of emergency. Another talent Pachacuti had was political skills. He was able to bring the sons of the defeated rulers into his empire, and educate them the culture of his land. Lastly, Pachacuti was always looking out for improvements for the empire. He even dressed himself as a commoner to check on things he could make progress on and make more advanced, and terraced the land to make it more arable.  
 Pachacuti had many more accomplishments, such as making Quecha the official language of the Inca. Moreover, his name is still known to nowadays Peruvians, and he is the hero of Peru. However he had some negative personality traits as well. Although he was a wise and clever person, he was known to be strict and brutal as well. This made the Incans afraid, but trained them to be courageous and obedient to the emperor.
Pachacuti started off as a brave warrior who helped protect Cuzco, and made his way up to being the Inca’s first emperor, and proved himself a good leader to his people. Pachacuti dedicated himself to his job as a ruler, and left an amazing empire behind him when he died. The Inca left a big influence on history, and it was all thanks to the founder of the empire, Pachacuti.




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